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“Natural Capital Accounts” Poised to Add Private Lands to Secure America’s Debt

Apr 25, 2024 | 30x30, Conservation Easements, Inflation Reduction Act, Liberty Matters, NACs | 0 comments

The Biden Administration has unveiled a slew of Earth Day actions, including a first look at how they plan to support the growing national debt by monetizing natural processes. This latest action is similar to what Wall Street attempted through “Natural Asset Companies.”

Two significant Earth Day announcements have been released from the White House that connect the 30×30 agenda, Natural Asset Company scam, and the federal government’s strategy to add “Natural Capital Accounts” to the federal balance sheet.

First, President Biden claims 41 million acres have been added to meet his 30×30 target — the unauthorized agenda to turn at least 30 percent of the United States into a nature preserve by 2030. The April 22, 2024, Fact Sheet notes some of the significant land and mineral withdrawals made to help reach 30×30, lands that hold incredible economic wealth:

“The Administration has already protected more than 41 million acres of lands and waters, and President Biden is on track to conserve more lands and waters than any President in history. This includes establishing five new national monuments and restoring protections for three more; creating four new national wildlife refuges and expanding five more; protecting the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, the nations most visited wilderness area; safeguarding Bristol Bay in southwest Alaska; and withdrawing Chaco Canyon in New Mexico and Thompson Divide in Colorado from further oil and gas leasing to protect thousands of sacred sites and pristine lands.”

Next, they unveiled a new website, that houses the American Conservation and Stewardship Atlas mapping tool. The Atlas was created to track the progress of 30×30 including the protected status of the lands as well as quantifying natural processes such as photosynthesis and pollination used to manufacture an arbitrary ecosystem service value.

This week they released “A Successful Inaugural Year for Natural Capital Accounting in the United States.” This is the first look at how the White House is attributing a dollar value to these natural processes. This new contrived value will be added to the federal balance sheet under “Natural Capital Accounts,” or NCAs.

January of 2023, the White House initiated this effort when they released the “National Strategy to Develop Statistics for Environmental – Economic Statistics.” Since then, they have been working to establish a methodology to value the ecosystem services.

In the latest news release, they announce they have built four pilot accounts to test their methodology. The four accounts are for land, water, air emissions, and environmental activity.

The “Pilot National Land Account” measures the economic activity and total market value for all the land in the United States, 2.3 billion acres. They do not give the value of the federally owned lands, but do single out the value of private lands – $32 trillion.  The release states:

“Private land in the contiguous 48 states was valued at $32 trillion, equivalent to roughly 30% of the net wealth already measured in U.S. accounts. Accounting for natural assets like land on our nations balance sheet is critical; omitting them would dramatically understate U.S. wealth.”

This makes clear the Biden Administration plans to add private lands owned by American citizens to the NCA category on the federal balance sheet. In essence, the administration is conscripting private citizens’ land to secure the national debt unbeknown to the American people and Congress.

The “Pilot National Air Emissions Account” “measure greenhouse gas emissions associated with specific industries on a national scale.” The release uses as an example “carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide emissions attributable to agriculture or the retail industry.” The air emissions account will be tracking these industry by industry.

Where they have a federal nexus to regulate these emissions, such as through the conservation programs funded with Inflation Reduction Act dollars, they are poised to control the landowner’s activities in the event they find these are reducing federal natural asset values.

Why is the Biden Administration attempting to lock up 30 percent of our land and create new assets out of thin air?  Because they need more collateral to back our increasing national debt — debt we owe to many countries including China. If we default, it will be China, not the American people who will be mining, drilling, grazing, recreating on, and developing our “conservation” lands.

What the Biden Administration is attempting to pull off is the greatest conservation con in our nation’s history. If these actions are allowed to stand, America will no longer be the land of private property, nor the land of the free.