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Acres required to achieve 30x30 goal


Land under government control


Can You Imagine a World Where No One was Allowed to Own Property?

No, neither can we which is why we fight every single day to make sure this does not become a reality. The truth is, the moment we give the government more control over the land we own, both public and private property, we loose our freedom. The very freedom our forefathers fought so hard to secure. There are liberties that we take for granted but it is only after they have gone do we really ever understand what it is that we have lost.

Either you own property, or you are property

E. Wayne Hage

Happening Now

Why Property Rights Matter

Property rights are the essential right that protect all other rights. If the government owns the property, they control the people. If the people own the land, then we have control over the government. 

what is the Agenda

Under the guise of ‘Climate Change’, the implementation of the 30×30 agenda is one of most detrimental land grabs, that threatens to take away a further 30% or our land by the year 20230.

Who This effects

Property rights effect everyone. It is not only the laborers working out in the fields, the farmers and ranchers but all of us. The governmental tentacles have its reach in every aspect of our lives; from how and what we farm, to what car we drive to what we eat we are allowed to eat.  

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Our Top Priorities

We work to ensure Americans will always be able to control and produce the food, fiber, minerals, and energy we need for our nation to flourish.

Our Priority - Property Rights


You have the right to own property or you are property

Our Priority - Food


Protecting our farms is protecting the foods we eat

Our Priority - Fiber


Fiber production is vital to our farming communities

Our Priority - Minerals


Removing mineral rights has detrimental effects

Our Priority - Energy


Huge financial impact of energy regulations