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Why Property Rights Matter

Natural Asset Companies

Natural Asset Companies are publicly tradable securities that hold rights to, and manage the productivity and ecological benefits of natural assets such as natural forests, marine areas and farmland. 

They place a value on natural processes, not based on traditional accounting principles.

What are the NACs all about?

Watch this segment to learn more about this issue. Natural Asset Companies: A Scheme to profit from the “Degrowth” Agenda with Margaret Byfield.

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What is the Rockefeller Foundation?

The Rockefeller Foundation is a 5 billion organization, with a 5 year climate strategy in place. Historically, their causes have not always been for the good of humanity, such as funding Nazi party eugenics.

“Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”

– Henry Kissinger

“The SEC tried to quickly sneak NACs past Congress and the American public. Thirty-one members of the House of Representatives joined me in a letter demanding a longer public comment period than the ridiculous 21 days originally provided.”

Harriet M. Hageman

Wyoming Representative

NACs are a direct threat to oil and gas production, mineral development, and the farming and ranching communities. It is the fleecing of American’s property rights, consolidation of power, and transfer of wealth on an international scale.”

Margaret Byfield

American Stewards of Liberty

“The proposed creation of Natural Asset Companies is one of the greatest threats to rural communities in the history of our country. Under the proposal, private interests…could use their capital to purchase mineral-rich areas and stop economic activities.”

Marlo Oaks

Utah State Treasurer

NAC Letters

House On Natural Resources letter

Important letter requesting the information from the SEC regarding the proposed rule to list NACs on the stock exchange.

key letter signed by 31 house members

Delving deeper into what the proposed rule to approve the stock exchange’s listing of NACs means and call to action for answers.

23 state financial officer’s letter

Request for the SEC to reopen comments perios and extend the decision deadline for an additional 60 days to ensure feedback is granted.

25 state ag’s oppose nacs

Excellent, detailed letter outlining the public comments opposing the rule, from 25 states and the arguments against selling of assets.

We BEAT The NAC Scam!

Together, we did this!

It is because of our member’s support that we were positioned to pick up the first notice of NACs, track its progress, dive deep into the agenda, and explain it in a way that people could easily understand what was at stake. You made it possible for us to get this into the hands of our courageous leaders across this great nation who were willing to take on the fight.

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Natural Asset Companies in the News

Utah Passes Anti-NAC Legislation

Utah Passes Anti-NAC Legislation

The bill specifically prohibits Natural Asset Companies from (1) purchasing or leasing state lands, (2) owning or managing a conservation lease or purchasing a lease or ecosystem services on federal lands within the state…

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