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“I can’t express my gratitude for what your organization is doing for America. God bless you.

Shirley, Washington

ASL member

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Our donations go towards fulfilling our mission educating Americans, advocating for property rights, and helping rural communities protect their way of life. 77% of our expenses are allocated to our program services, 12% to management and operations, 8% towards fundraising and a minimal 3% to advocay under the safe harbor of election “h” of the internal Revenue Code.

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You are the only group that is really doing something active.”

Mary, Ohio

ASL member

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Our Mission & Approach

Our mission is to strengthen property rights and the liberties they secure.  We have three pillars of focus;


Focus One

to continue building the property rights Movement through alliances with like-minded organizations and policymakers to advance strategies that will restore our Constitutionally guaranteed property rights.


Focus Two

to equip citizens with the tools to educate and teach others why it is imperative that we the people own our nation’s natural resources to limit government over us.


Focus Three

we must mobilize the people to help stop the policies eroding property rights at the local, state and federal level.

Your Donations Make a HUGE Impact


  • Campaigns 82% 82%
  • Research & Development 10% 10%
  • Management 6% 6%
  • Organization Growth 2% 2%


  • Campaigns 82% 82%
  • Research & Development 10% 10%
  • Management 6% 6%
  • Organization Growth 2% 2%


  • Campaigns 82% 82%
  • Research & Development 10% 10%
  • Management 6% 6%
  • Organization Growth 2% 2%

“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.

Thomas Jefferson

Founding Father & 3rd US President