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Victory for South Dakota Landowners Over Carbon Pipelines

Victory for South Dakota Landowners Over Carbon Pipelines

For months, landowners have been battling the two heavily subsidized carbon sequestration pipeline companies attempting to stop what their Governor forced upon them when she signed a bill giving the private pipeline companies the power to take private property prior to the PUC permit approval.  They’ve held rallies, collected thousands of signatures, and asked for a Special Session to address this issue, but Governor Noem has turned a deaf ear to their demands.

Carbon sequestration is one of the Biden administration’s major excuses to fight a non-existent climate change “crisis.”  Funded through the Inflation Reduction Act (named by Biden’s handlers to sell his massive spending bill to the public and Congress), carbon capture companies fall under the $369B “climate and energy” spending that gives federal tax credits and subsidies for carbon capture, placing it under tremendous pressure, pumping it through underground pipelines, and sequestering (store) it in geologic formations below the Earth’s surface forever.  What could go wrong?

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