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Property rights are the essential right that protect all other rights.


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There is a Fundamental Connection Between Land and Liberty

If the government owns the land and natural resource wealth, they control the people. But if the citizens own the land, we control the government.

As the United States was settled the land was distributed to the citizens. The land was not to be owned by the government as was the practice of other nations. In those countries the people have limited freedoms and opportunity to improve their status and wellbeing.

Our founders established a nation governed by the people, where human ingenuity would flourish and every citizen had equal opportunity to obtain their American dream. This meant the citizens would own the natural resources so that they had the means to create their own destiny, protect their rights, and limit government’s power.

The American Dream

Where citizens own the natural resources providing them the means to create their own destiny, protect their rights, and limit government’s power.

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Government Owns 40% of Our Land and is Seeking More

But this policy changed when the Western States came into statehood. Most are unaware that 50 percent of the West is owned by the Federal government, and as a result, government has grown unrestrained ever since. So too have our freedoms progressively been eroded.

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Today, the combined local, State, and Federal governments own 40 percent of our land, with the federal government holding 28 percent and acquiring more. Congress has permanently authorized $450 million annually for private land acquisitions for conservation purposes. These new land holdings can be acquired without local or State consent.

The Erosion of Property Rights in America Today is Stunning


We are rapidly losing our ability to feed and fuel American’s basic needs.

Lands already owned by the government are becoming increasingly restricted and off limits for productive uses such as recreation, hunting and fishing, livestock grazing, timber harvesting, mineral development, and oil and gas production. The government must lock down these resources because they are the collateral that backs our growing national debt owed to foreign nations.

Further, the increasingly powerful administrative state is using its regulatory authority to pressure America’s middle class into signing up for federal conservation programs. The programs are creating a federal web across America’s private lands that can be used to control production of our food, fiber, minerals and energy.

Additionally, the federal government is acquiring forever conservation easements on private lands through matching grants and funds distributed to environmental organizations. These easements transfer the primary control of the land to the easement holder. Whoever controls the land owns the land. Those lands under a conservation easements can no longer be considered private property.

Either you own property, or you are property

E. Wayne Hage

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“Property must be secured, or liberty cannot exist”

John Adams

Founding Father & 2nd US President

“Socialism is the abolishment of private property.

Karl Marx

Advocate of Communism

“You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.”

Klaus Schwab

World Economic Forum Founder

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To learn more about how the West has become owned by the Federal Government, read Climate Crisis Robber Barons.

The Ten Principles for the Restoration of Our Land, Liberty & Property Rights

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“Freedom and property rights are inseparable. You can’t have one without the other

George Washington

Founding Father & 1st US President