30×30 Talking Points

10 Key Points to Know About 30×30

Image note… Need to gather strong visuals for each point below. Reference: https://americanstewards.us/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Handout-July-2022.pdf

How was 30×30 initiated?

1. One of the Administration’s first actions was to rescind an order that gave States and local governments veto power over federal land acquisitions. Now they can acquire more federal land without the peoples’ consent.

2. Three months after the agenda was exposed, the Biden Administration changed the name of the program to “America the Beautiful,” masking the land grab. They claim their intent is to conserve and restore the land, yet they refuse to define what they mean by “conserve.”

3. They say we are loosing a football field worth of habitat every 30 seconds, which is why we must act quickly to lock up our land. This totals roughly 11 million acres in ten years. So why are they trying to protect another 400 million acres in 9 short years if their defined crisis is a fraction of this amount?

How are they doing this if it is not authorized?

4. On lands the government already owns (40% of America) they are increasing restrictions, preventing public access, withdrawing large critical mineral deposits, canceling oil and gas leases, and designating millions of acres as protected — shutting down the industries that support local economies.

5. To acquire control of the private lands they are flooding the markets with billions of dollars for conservation programs that take land out of production and drive up prices. This pressures the small landowner into “voluntarily” signing up for the federal programs just to stay in business.

They are also pouring billions of dollars into environmental organizations who then use these funds to pressure landowners into conservation easement – giving the easement holder permanent control of that land forever.

Is America in a “nature crisis?

6. Only 5.3 percent of the land in America is developed, and there has been no statistical change in land use over the past measurable 15 year period. Half of what has been categorized as developed is open space that includes city parks, golf courses and large lots. That means roughly 2.5 percent of America has man made improvements, where we have our homes, schools, hospitals, churches, businesses, stores and roads.

7. If restricting land solves climate change and prevents species from going extinct, as they claim, there should not be a “climate crisis.” Almost 40 percent of the United States is already owned by federal, state and local governments and are managed under nature preserving policies.

[The graphs in Rob’s report are pretty good to use as a visual. Link to our article on Rob Gordon’s report.]

What Lands are they Targeting?

9. The lands that make up the 12 percent already protected are our National Parks, State Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, and conservation easements on private lands.  These are highly restricted areas with limited to no use. Additionally, access to these lands are tightly controlled.

10. As of 2021, only 1 percent of America’s lands were considered protected. This concerns them as they acknowledge that private lands have the greatest existing biodiversity, and they don’t own or control these lands. This is why they believe a significant amount of the new lands to be protected should be those currently privately owned.

As environmentalists concede, the privately managed lands are best for wildlife and people.  Eliminating the private landowners’ ability to manage the land through the 30×30 agenda will cause unmeasurable damage to the environment.

Is 30 percent their final target?

10. Taking 30 percent of our lands and oceans is only the first step. Advocates next goal is the “Half-Earth” agenda. This is where they plan to preserve 50 percent of the world’s lands and oceans by 2050.

30×30 is not about conservation. It is a plan to take property rights and power away from the people, transferring this to international global elites.

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