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WHO Pandemic Treaty

May 10, 2024 | Issues, Liberty Matters | 0 comments

“The Sovereignty of the United States Is Not Negotiable”

On January 20, 2021, the very day Joe Biden was sworn into office, he sent United Nations Director-General Antonio Guterres a letter retracting the withdrawal from the World Health Organization (WHO) previously sent by President Donald Trump.

Biden sold the nation’s soul over to the international United Nation’s body to subject our nation’s sovereignty to a one-world order, whole-of-government, and whole-of-society approach.

By December 1, 2021, the World Health Assembly (WHA), the forum through which the World Health Organization is governed by its 194 member states, established an intergovernmental negotiating body (INB) to draft and negotiate a WHO convention agreement on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response.

This document listed five “themes” to guide the INB’s work when drafting the Convention on pandemic response.  The last, but most crucial is (E) “Empowering WHO to fulfill its mandate as the directing and coordinating authority on international health work, including for pandemic preparedness and response.”

The Sovereignty Coalition, a group of national leaders that came alongside ASL to help stop the NAC agenda, has noted that “In the hands of the CCP and its friends, that authority would allow enemies of this country, foreign and domestic, to deprive Americans of their constitutional rights and other statutory protections. The WHO’s Director-General may deem, for example, gun violenceclimate change, problems afflicting plants or animals and so-called disinformation to be causing so-called public health emergencies.

In other words, the WHO will dictate the health policy for every member-nation, including the United States for all future pandemics unless Congress can stop it.

This is why Representative Tom Tiffany (R-WI-07) and 14 of his House colleagues introduced H.R. 1425, the “No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval Act” requiring any convention or agreement resulting from the work of the World Health Organization’s intergovernmental negotiating body to be deemed a treaty, requiring the advice and consent of a supermajority of the Senate.

As of May 8th, the bill has 41 co-sponsors in the House and the entire Senate Republican conference has signed a letter led by Sen. Ron Johnson calling for the Biden administration to withdraw its support for this WHO agreement that will weaken United States sovereignty.

In a March 7, 2023, Breitbart article, it was reported during the INB deliberations, “Biden envoy Pamela Hamamoto insisted that the White House was ‘committed to the Pandemic Accord’ as an enduring binding instrument ‘for generations to come.’”

According to the United States Constitution, treaties have the maximum legal authority in the United States as “the supreme Law of the Land” and must, therefore, have a two-thirds approval by the U.S. Senate to be ratified.  Hence, why Congress is demanding this agreement be deemed a treaty and obtain Senate approval before it’s binding on the United States.

“The United Nations-linked World Health Organization is a corrupt organization that President Trump got us out of, but President Biden disgracefully rejoined,” said Congressman Tiffany.

“The United States should be in charge of our own pandemic policy; we should never outsource that power to an international bureaucracy that behaves like a puppet of Communist China. This legislation puts congressional oversight and transparency into what otherwise could be bad medicine for America’s public health,” Tiffany continued. 

“The WHO, along with our federal health agencies, failed miserably in their response to COVID-19. This failure should not be rewarded with a new international treaty that would increase the WHO’s power at the expense of American sovereignty,” said Senator Ron Johnson. “I’m proud to reintroduce this legislation to hold the WHO accountable for their failures and increase transparency for the American people. The sovereignty of the United States is not negotiable.”  

You can check to see if your Representative is a co-sponsor of H.R. 1425 here:  If they are not, please call them and request they sign onto Rep. Tiffany’s H.R. 1425.

In the Senate letter sent to President Biden on May 1, 2024, it states: “The WHO’s most recent publicly available draft of its new pandemic response treaty is dead on arrival.” If a few good Democrat Senators would put the nation above their party, this travesty could be stopped.

Text of H.R. 1425

Copy of Senate letter signed by all 49 U.S. Senators: