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WEF Continues War on Beef

Jan 26, 2023 | Farmers and Ranchers, Inflation Reduction Act | 0 comments

At the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos last week, the Climate Crisis Robber Barons continued their call for global citizens to reduce meat protein consumption and switch to plant-based diets.

As we have   reported, some of these world leaders, like Bill Gates, are the largest investors in plant-based proteins. The Gates Foundation is one of the funders behind recent studies claiming beef is unhealthy, while Bill Gates has been buying up U.S. farmland suitable for plant- based protein crops.

What better way to drive out the competition (i.e. landowners who raise beef) than to scare the public into believing eating meat is causing a climate crisis. This will result in destroying the livelihood of American landowners while creating an opportunity for the wealthy to acquire more private property.

It is the land they are after.  (See “Climate Crisis Robber Barons,” 3d Quarter Standing Ground)

U.S. Congressman Mike Flood (R-NE 1st Dist.) has issued a strong rebuke.

The globalists are at it again – pushing their plans for shifting the world towards a vegan diet as they dream of ending meat production. If achieved, their plans would destroy a way of life that has been passed down by generations of Nebraska farm and ranch families who have helped feed the world while taking care of the land. Its the work of these families along with research institutions in Nebraska that have advanced the science that has made virtually every segment of agriculture more productive while stewarding our water resources. If the World Economic Forum wants to learn how to feed more people more efficiently, they should visit Nebraska where it happens so that the people who do the work can show them how its done.”