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Texas GOP Opposes 30×30

by | Jul 8, 2022 | 30x30 | 0 comments

Statement Opposing the Program is Added to the Party Platform

At the 2022 State Convention of the Republican Party of Texas held in June, a resolution was advanced and added to the Party’s platform that opposes President Biden’s 30×30 program.  

Policy Statement # 57 reads:

“We oppose environmentalism that obstructs legitimate business interests and private property use, including the regulatory taking of property by governmental agencies. We oppose the abuse of the Endangered Species Act to confiscate and limit the use of personal property and to infringe on a property owners livelihood. We support the defunding of climate justice” initiatives, the abolition of the Environmental Protection Agency, and repeal of the Endangered Species Act, and we oppose the America the Beautiful” Initiative, also known as the 30 x 30 program.”

It is a powerful position coming from a state where 96% of the property is still owned by the people.  The resolution was advanced by precinct chairs across the state, and spearheaded at the convention by Texas Eagle Forum president, Cindi Castilla.  

The strong statement of opposition from the party is critical as land trusts ramp up their marketing campaigns in the State, using the increased growth as cause to convince landowners they should turn over their development rights to the conservation entities. 

Last May, the popular Texas Highways magazine featured a report from the Texas Hill Country Conservation Network promoting 30×30.  “The overreaching goal of the network, based on recommendations by conservation scientists,” stated editor Emily Stone, “is to permanently protect 30% of the Hill Country as conservation land.  Currently, 5% of the region—546,301 acres— is preserved.”

This means another 25% of  Texas Hill Country landowners are going to be asked to “voluntarily” give up a significant  portion of their property rights forever, to meet the Biden Administration’s unauthorized and unjustified goal.  Thankfully, the Texas GOP is standing firmly against the agenda.

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