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Strategic Land Holdings of Communist China in America

by | Aug 11, 2022 | 30x30 | 0 comments

Texas Scorecard has been running a series exposing the different ways the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has set its roots in Texas.  This week, they released the article “Communist China in Texas: Buying Our Land.”  As is the case nationally, the concern is not “how” much land is being purchased by the foreign nation, but “where” these are located.  

In Texas, the CCP agents purchased 140,000 acres acquired for a wind farm in Val Verde County, just 70 miles from the Laughlin Air Force Base – well within range of modern surveillance equipment.  

In North Dakota, agents of the CCP recently purchased 300 acres twelve miles from the Grand Forks Air Force Base, raising national concerns again as to why the U.S. Government is allowing a foreign adversary  to buy land strategically close to a military defense site.

Several bills have been filed in the House and Senate to prevent foreign entities from owning America’s land, but their passage seems unlikely with the current make-up of Congress and the Administration.

“Those dismissing concerns about China setting up shop, and holding modest but substantial swaths of farmland in the U.S., appear to be ignorant of the public statements of CCP officials and the broader plan of the communist country to embed itself into all areas of public life in countries that oppose its government.” (Texas Scorecard)

Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Sid Miller told the Scorecard, “My proposal would be we’ll be reciprocal. If we can’t buy land in your country, you can’t buy it here. That’d pretty much solve it.”

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