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“Stop 30 x 30 Summit” Set to Spoil Environmentalist’s Earth Day

by | Mar 3, 2022 | 30x30 | 0 comments

The “Stop 30 x 30 Summit” agenda is packed with national leaders and frontline fighters who are gathering together to stop the international 30×30 agenda on American soil.  The Summit will take place Friday, April 22, 2022, in Lincoln Nebraska.

The conference organizer, American Stewards of Liberty, selected Earth Day for the Summit date to send the clear message that America’s landowners would not be “voluntarily” surrendering their property rights to the environmental agenda.

The program is set to open with a keynote presentation from the Summit host, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts.  Governor Ricketts led the letter signed by 15 Governors opposing 30×30 last year, and has continued to actively oppose the agenda, protecting Nebraskans from the federal overreach. 

His presentation will be followed by a panel of Nebraska State officials that will explain the actions they have taken as a result of the Governor’s Executive Order, “Stop 30×30 – Protect our Land and Water.”  The Governor issued the Order on June 24, 2021, directing several of the State agencies to take measures that limit the use of conservation easements, and placed an 18-month moratorium on adding any new regulations that expand the definition of endangered species, plants, or wildlife pursuant to state statute. 

U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer from North Dakota will discuss the bill he filed in the Senate, S. 1673, the “30 x 30 Termination Act,” with Senator Doc Marshall from Kansas.  The legislation does more than just stop the 30 x 30 program. It provides much needed protections to prevent future federal land grabs.  These include ensuring no net-loss of non-federal lands in Counties and States that have 15 percent or more of their lands owned by the federal government.  It also requires State and Congressional approval for federal land acquisitions.  If the make-up of the Senate gives control to Republicans next election, this bill is poised to be advanced for passage.

Another key portion of the agenda is titled “Issues Across America,” and features the frontline County Commissioners and landowners who are actively fighting the programs being used to implement 30×30 in their community.  The audience will learn from the experiences of Custer County, Idaho, where the government owns 97 percent of the land, offering a realistic view of what living under the control of the administrative state entails.  Other speakers will discuss pushing back Wilderness Area designations, National Heritage Areas, endangered species listings, mineral withdrawals, and federal conservation programs that are directly competing with, and out pricing the working landowner. They will also hear from a second-generation conservation easement holder from Texas, on what landowners can expect when the “honeymoon” ends with the land trust holding the easement.

The lunch keynote speaker is the Trump Administration’s Secretary of the Department of the Interior, David Bernhardt.  The former Secretary will share his insights, concerns and advice for landowners and policy makers as we fight the 30 x 30 agenda through the remaining term of the Biden Administration.  Secretary Bernhardt issued the policy that required the consent of States and Counties for federal land acquisitions in their area.  This key protection was immediately overturned by the Biden Administration to create an easier path for the 30×30 land grab.

The audience will also participate in roundtable discussions during a special breakout session, where State Representatives and Senators, County Commissioners, and citizen activists will gather with their colleagues to learn what positions and policies are working in other States to stop the increased land restrictions.

C-FACT’s President, Craig Rucker, a co-sponsor of the Summit, will address the International roots of 30×30.  Rucker has been attending the United Nation’s Conservation Meetings for more than two decades and will share his unique insights into the development of 30×30.  

Also representing CFACT is Gabriella Hoffman, the first conservation reporter to publicly opposed 30 x 30.  She writes for several publications including the conservative Town Hall publication and has recently published a piece on 30×30 in the Washington Times. Hoffman will share tips on how to communicate the property rights message to the public and media.

Utah State Representative, Ken Ivory will discuss the impact of 30 x 30 on our energy resources, and how the program threatens our national security.

Two additional speakers will be announced in the coming weeks as the schedule is finalized.

The program will end with a call to fight from U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert, who has been leading the strong stand in the U.S. House of Representatives through her bill, H.R. 3014, the “30×30 Termination Act,” co-sponsored by 27 Representatives.

The objective of the Summit is to connect America’s working landowners with the policy makers in position to stop the land grab, to advocate effective solutions, and to strengthen the movement that has emerged to stop Biden’s agenda.  Participants will leave with new resources, educational tools and purpose to protect their community and help advance the national effort to stop 30×30.

“This is the most important conference we have ever organized,” commented Margaret Byfield, Executive Director of American Stewards of Liberty. “We are bringing together national experts, policy makers from every level of government, and landowners on the frontlines of this battle to launch the next phase of the ‘Stop 30×30’ campaign. We need every American who sees this agenda as the federal land grab that it is to be there to help us protect our land and our liberty.”

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