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Seizing Private Land Is Next Step!

by | Dec 13, 2023 | 30x30, Issues, Liberty Matters, NACs | 0 comments

The Epoch Times, By Kevin Stocklin

Below is a brief excerpt from an excellent article written by Kevin Stocklin, from The Epoch Times:

Eminent domain is becoming the weapon of choice against opposition to large wind and solar projects being planned and constructed around the United States.

The dream of net-zero carbon emissions—and its vision of blanketing hundreds of millions of acres of American land with wind turbines and solar panels—is running up against the reality that most of the land in America is still privately owned and many Americans don’t want these massive industrial installations near their homes.

But that may prove to be a temporary impediment.

“There is a major effort under the Biden administration to consolidate power over land and resources, because whoever owns the land and resources of a nation, controls the people,” Margaret Byfield, executive director of American Stewards of Liberty, a property rights nonprofit, told The Epoch Times.

As a former Nevada rancher, she became embroiled in a decade-long fight with federal agencies over control of her land, which she ultimately lost.

Today, she sees another land grab coming in the form of the Green New Deal and the renewable energy industry.

You can read the rest the article: here