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Netherland Farmers to be Removed from Land for Climate Industry Projects

by | Dec 1, 2022 | Farmers and Ranchers | 0 comments

In order to comply with the European Union’s climate laws, farmers and ranchers in the Netherlands are being forced off their family lands. They have one year to decide how they will comply.

The stated reason for the action is to reduce nitrogen emissions currently attributed to agriculture operations.  But that is only half the story.  Landowners are being forced off their land so that climate industrial projects, like solar and wind farms, are permitted to pollute while keeping the Netherlands within their nitrogen emission allowances under their international obligations.

The Dutch Government’s Nature and Nitrogen Minister released a letter November 22, 2023, stating that 2,000-3,000 agriculture businesses must do their part for nature, society and sustainability by changing their operations or voluntarily selling their land to the government.

Agriculture companies are given the option to change their operations, so they are “substantially more sustainable through (a combination of) innovation, switching and extensification, relocating, or voluntarily stopping.”

Agriculture entrepreneurs near the “Natura 2000” protected areas will be required to cede their lands to the government, but the Minister has assured the small landowners they will be offered “a cessation scheme that is as attractive as possible.” She also states, “there will not be a better scheme.” (Page 2) News accounts have reported that this offer is to be 120% of the lands’ current value.

Natura 2000 is the European Union’s version of Biden’s 30×30 program. (See article published July 28, 2022)

For industrial companies, the Minister states “we will set to work bearing in mind the tailor-made approach and with stricter permits.”  In other words, industrial companies will be allowed, but with more government regulations.

The landowners have until Autumn of 2023 to make their choice.  After this, the Minister writes, “If this does not work, then we must, with pain in our hearts, enter into a discussion with a targeted group in which mandatory instruments will be used if necessary.” (Page 2)

All of this is required so that the government’s preferred activities and projects can move forward in compliance with the Government’s Nature Conservation Act. “The aim is to be able to legalize a large proportion of PAS reporters and to allow projects of major importance.” (Page 2).

The “important” projects include ‘infrastructure sustainability projects such as Wind op Zee projects, solar parks, CCS, geothermal energy, nuclear power plants,’” as well as housing construction. (Page 4) They claim replacing agriculture with these industrial projects is the preferred environmentally sustainable decision.

In essence, the Dutch Government is rapidly transforming their society to comply with international climate laws based on speculative science.

But these laws are having their intended effect — cleanse the lands of small landowners, taking away the people’s ability to live freely, while reducing the food and products necessary for our human existence.  The elites believe there are too many of us (8 billion people) and that their god, “Mother Earth,” cannot sustain us.  They are choosing who is allowed to survive.  Although they promote themselves as being “morally superior,” their actions are barbaric.

The Netherland people are losing their land and liberty on the altar of climate change.  American citizens are not far behind if the Biden Administration succeeds in implementing 30×30.