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Major Announcement: Epoch TV to Release Film at “Stop 30×30 Summit”

by | Aug 2, 2023 | 30x30, Conservation Easements, Delisting, Farmers and Ranchers | 0 comments

It is our great honor to announce we will be hosting the Red Carpet Premier of Epoch TV’s extraordinary documentary, “No Farmers No Food,” at the “Stop 30×30 Summit” in Irving (Dallas), Texas this September.

The Premier will take place Friday evening, September 22nd, at the end of the first day of the Summit program.

“No Farmers No Food: Will You Eat The Bugs?” is an Epoch Original documentary that exposes the hidden agenda behind global “Green Policies,” the untold stories of farmers forced out of business, the disruption this will have on our food supply, and why edible bugs are suddenly pushed to the fore as a “Global Green Solution.”

Epoch TV program “Facts Matter” host Roman Balmakov investigates the rapidly changing landscape of our global food source — the farming industry — through interviews with farmers in Netherlands, Sri Lanka and United States.  This is the next global crisis that nobody is talking about.

Balmakov will speak about his findings and lead the film’s premier at the Friday, September 22 dinner.  The Epoch TV film crew will also be there to capture the red carpet interviews of Summit attendees.

You can watch a sneak peak of the film here.

The early registration fee for the two-day Summit and Film Premier is $225 through September 7th, and $100 for the premier-only ticket.  

Secure Your Seat Today

The two-day Summit is packed with presentations from national and international experts, those fighting the green agenda in the Halls of Congress and those fighting these policies in rural America. They will expose the different schemes being used to implement 30×30 and what is being done to stop them. 

The Summit is hosted by Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Sid Miller.  No other Texas statewide office holder has done more to protect property rights and our agriculture industry than Commissioner Miller.  We are deeply honored to have him lead this event and help educate Americans on the very real threat the 30×30 agenda imposes on our nation.

The green 30×30 agenda is being countered by a strong alliance of liberty minded organizations, local and State government officials, and committed landowners working together to push back this massive scheme.  For the second time since this agenda was launched, we will gather together to meet face-to-face to advance policies designed to defeat those attempting to take our freedoms.

Register for the Summit and Film Premier today. 

Do not miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to be inspired, emboldened and equipped with the knowledge and the tools needed to protect our land and liberty.

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