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Feb 3, 2021 | 30x30, Liberty Matters | 0 comments

In This Issue: Hard-Left by Executive Order | “30 x 30” Launched in Climate Crisis EO | What 1776, 1619 and 1792 Have in Common | U.S. Federal Reserve Joins Group Greening the Financial System | Ahh, Churchill…


Hard-Left by Executive Order

From Inauguration Day to February 2nd, President Biden has signed 45 Executive Orders.  Of these, 16 reverse Trump Administration policies and 29 introduce new, far-left activist agendas. While calling for unity from the podium, the team behind the curtain was unleashing the socialist wing of the Democrat party onto the American people.

Pick your favorite extreme left cause, and there is an Executive Order for that. The Epoch Times released an info graph that shows the progression of policies including stopping the southern border wall and deportations, allowing boys who classify themselves as girls to compete in women’s athletics, shutting down the Keystone Pipeline and freezing new oil and gas leases on Federal lands, declaring a climate crisis ushering in the “Green New Deal” and “30 x 30,” and dismantling the 1776 Commission.

It has been an unprecedented power grab rebuked by conservatives, and surprisingly, even the liberal New York Times, which called foul in a piece written by the editorial board titled, “Ease Up on the Executive Actions, Joe.”

On January 27th, Six State Attorneys General from West Virginia, Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi, Montana and Texas also pushed back.  In a strongly worded letter, they sent notice to the President that they would defend the Constitution against Presidential overreach, stating:

“…(I)f you sign unconstitutional laws passed by Congress, it will be our responsibility and duty to challenge those laws in court.  If cabinet officials, executive officers, and agencies go beyond the bounds of their statutory authority, fail to follow legally required procedures, or fall short of the bedrock Administrative Procedure Act obligation and reasoned decision making, it will likewise be our responsibility to take action.”

Describing the President’s first executive actions as efforts to circumvent Congress, they note:  “But a President is not a Prime Minister or a King and must respect that his constitutional office is a limited Chief Executive, not the supreme authority of the state.”

The State of Texas has already sued the Administration successfully, stopping the President’s Executive Order that paused deportations and would have caused detainees, many criminals, to be released back into the United States. 

Each day brings a new count of jobs lost from the mounting Executive Orders. Consumers have already experienced a 15% rise in gas prices and a state religion is being deployed under the labels of systematic racism and climate crisis. Out go the principles of our founding, and in come the policies of past failed states.

Executive Order Info Graph | The Epoch Times 

SHOCKER: New York Times blasts Biden for excessive executive orders” | Just the News

Attorneys General to Biden: ‘Principal political control’ of government lies with Congress” | Just the News 

State Attorneys General Letter to President Joe Biden

Executive Order Tracking | CNN

30 x 30” Launched in Climate Crisis EO

President Biden has issued the first major blow to America’s landowners by embracing the radical environmental agenda of “30 by 30,” where 30% of our land and oceans are to be “permanently” protected in their natural state by 2030. “Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad,” (Climate Crisis EO) signed January 27th, hands the powers of the Federal regulatory agencies to a movement that has been working to abolish private property for decades. 

On its face, the policy is unconstitutional because the President has replaced the priorities and policies lawfully established by Congress with those of progressive socialists under the declared emergency of “climate crisis.” Congress has wisely rejected these more radical policies, however, through this EO, the President is empowering the administrative state to carry these out.

Before the ink was dry, the Department of Interior (DOI) had ready its fact sheet. The portion on the “30 x 30” agenda reads as if it was pulled from the Center for American Progress report where this agenda was launched (See LMNS January 21, 2021). This is to be expected considering the DOI transition team includes one of the authors of the Green New Deal and other far left activists that believe the “experts” with the administrative state, not the owner of the land, should decide its purpose.

The League of Conservation Voters is also a key player in pushing for the new policy.  It delivered a letter calling on the Biden Administration to implement the “30 x 30” plan that was signed by 450 State and Local elected officials. You might want to check out the link below to see if your representative is one of the signers.

They also recognize they will need legislative authorization for the more aggressive parts of the program and have focused efforts on Congress as well.  E&E News reported that this process has already begun in an article titled, “Biden embraces ambitious conservation plan. Will Congress?,” published January 28th: 

“Getting congressional buy-in will demand a massive education campaign of lawmakers and their staff, many of whom may have never heard of the initiative known as “30 by 30,” or more simply, 30×30. The endeavor will necessitate a certain element of indoctrination and convincing that every possible piece of legislation should incorporate language that would contribute to meeting 30×30 goals. And it will require assuring skeptics of good intentions while changing the minds of critics. Advocates say those conversations on Capitol Hill have already begun, with efforts ramped up after Biden’s victory in November and expected to further accelerate in the wake of the executive order.”

It is startling to read that instead of making their case before Congress based on the merits of their plan, they will use “indoctrination and convincing.”

Expect to see every administrative and legislative vehicle over the next four years to have some provision that moves the Administration closer to the “30 x 30” goal.  Make sure your Local, State and Federal representatives are aware this is a massive land grab they must oppose.

LMNS January 21, 2021

Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad

DOI Climate Crisis EO Fact Sheet 

Biden embraces ambitious conservation plan. Will Congress?” | E & E News (Subscription)

League of Conservation Voters Letter Supporting 30 x 30

Department of Interior Biden-Harris Leadership Team

What 1776, 1619 and 1792 Have In Common

President Trump created “The President’s Advisory 1776 Commission,” to “enable a rising generation to understand the history and principles of the founding of the United States.”   President Biden, however, abolished the program on his first day in office, archiving the 1776 Report under the topic of “white supremacy.” The noble history of America’s founding is unwelcome in the White House under the new, progressive administration.

The 1776 Report was in part responding to the New York Time’s “1619 Project,” which set out to change our nation’s founding date to that of the year they decided the first slaves arrived on the continent. The project rewrites our nation’s history using the perspective of slavery to interpret every event. They have successfully placed this rewrite in approximately 4,500 American elementary schools.

In 1792, the French Revolutionaries followed an eerily similar path, retold by Gerard Leval, in an editorial titled “What the French Revolution can teach us about ‘woke’ culture,” published in The Washington Times.

“Indeed, the changes wrought by the hard core revolutionaries of France in the second and very radical phase of the French revolution were very thorough. These young men (virtually all of them were in their 30s) filled with righteous energy and conviction had determined that in order to safeguard the political benefits of the reforms created by the Revolution, everything that echoed the old order had to be removed and destroyed.”

Statues were beheaded. Street names changed to remove any mention of nobility or Saints.  The “Cathedral of Notre Dame” was renamed “Temple of Reason.” A new national birthdate was established as 1792. Ultimately, their efforts to purge the French nation of its culture and history created a vacuum filled by Napoleon Bonaparte’s military takeover, and endless cycles of war with Europe.

In an effort to avoid this path, President Trump founded The 1776 Commission to counter the 1619 Project’s reinvention of our history, and prioritize the study of American exceptionalism in our schools. 

“America’s founding principles are true not because any generation – including our own – has lived them perfectly, but because they are based upon the eternal truths of the human condition. They are rooted in our capacity for evil and power for good, our longing for truth and striving for justice, our need for order and our love of freedom. Above all else, these principles recognize the worth, equality, potential, dignity, and glory of each and every man, woman and child created in the image of God.”

The report also reminds us that curriculum selections for public schools is a decision of States and local governments. States should follow the lead of the 1776 Commission to ensure our nation’s founding is not rewritten, erased, or forgotten. Those awarding private scholarships to graduating students could insist on a basic level of understanding of our founding documents, at the very least. 

It is a great report.  One we highly recommend you read and distribute.

Executive Order On Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government

The Presidents Advisory 1776 Commission Final Report

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U.S. Federal Reserve Joins Group Greening the Financial System

The banking industry has been following an alarming trend favoring sustainable industries over those labeled as contributors to climate change.  Last December, the U.S. Federal Reserve joined the cause. They officially joined “The Network of Central Banks and Supervisors” (NGFS) after spending a year participating in the group’s activities as an observer.

The NGFS is an international body working together to “green” the financial system.  Its members include the world’s largest and most powerful bank regulating authorities, now including the U.S. Federal Reserve. The purpose of the group is to transition the world into a sustainable economy.  

“The Central Banks and Supervisors Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS) is a group of Central Banks and Supervisors willing, on a voluntary basis, to exchange experiences, share best practices, contribute to the development of environment and climate risk management in the financial sector, and to mobilize mainstream finance to support the transition toward a sustainable economy. Its purpose is to define and promote best practices to be implemented within and outside of the Membership of the NGFS and to conduct or commission analytical work on green finance.” (NGFS Website)

They are picking the winners and losers. This international body of banks and regulators are rejecting the principles of capitalism, where the people choose what drives the economy, and replacing this with the purposes of those who control the world’s economy.

Forty-seven House Members signed a letter to the U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, concerned the Board might be “introducing climate change scenarios into its supervisory stress tests of regulated banks,” a policy not authorized by Congress. 

The US Federal Reserve joined the NGFS on December 15, 2020. January 25, 2021, they created the “Supervision Climate Committee” to study the implications of climate change for the financial system.  E&E News titled their article on this move as an “‘Enormously Big Deal:’ Fed Creates Climate Committee.”

The 47 House Members also see this as a big deal:

“Lastly, we are also concerned that introducing climate change scenarios into stress tests could accelerate the ill-advised pattern of ‘de-banking’ legally operating businesses in industries, such as coal and oil and gas, that are politically unpopular to certain vocal policymakers. Over the last several years, we have seen banks make politically motivated and public relations-focused decisions to limit credit availability to these industries. It is possible that the introduction of climate change stress tests could perpetuate this trend, allowing regulated banks to cite negative impacts on their supervisory tests as an excuse to defund or divest from these crucial industries. Politicizing access to capital and choking off funding to industries that millions of Americans rely on is unacceptable, especially in times of economic and financial uncertainty.”

Capitalism? American Sovereignty? Where do these principles stand when the world bankers decide we must bend to today’s new crisis? 

“Virgil — The Great Reset Updated: You Might Not Have Heard of NGFS, but NGFS Has a Plan for You” | Brietbart

Letter from Members of Congress to Chairman Powell on NGFS Membership

Federal Reserve Board announces it has formally joined the Network of Central Banks and Supervisors for Greening the Financial System, or NGFS, as a member | US Federal Reserve

US Federal Reserve joins NGFS and two new publications released | NGFS

Charter of the NGFS

Ahh, Churchill …

After delivering today’s update on Biden’s America, we thought is wise to pass on a recommendation aimed at uplifting the spirit. One of the best books we read last year was The Splendid and the Vile, by Erik Larson. It covers the first year of Winston Churchill’s life as Prime Minister of Great Britain while London was bombed nightly by Hitler’s Germany.  It is a fabulous example of great leadership, in the most trying of times, and a good reminder of Churchill’s resolve:

”Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”