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Important NAC Update!

Dec 18, 2023 | Issues, Liberty Matters, NACs | 0 comments

U.S. House Financial Services Committee Abdicates Article I Oversight of SEC Rule to create Natural Asset Companies (NACs)

Sources inside the U.S. House of Representatives have informed American Stewards of Liberty that the U.S. House Financial Services Committee Member’s staff had a briefing from the New York Stock Exchange and the Intrinsic Exchange Group, the entities creating “Natural Asset Companies” (NACs).

As a result, the Committee is not challenging the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) proposed rule to authorize NACs, as doing so is viewed to be too “political.” Only three Members from the Committee with oversight signed Rep. Harriet Hageman’s letter demanding an extension of the comment period.

By taking this position, the U.S. House Financial Services Committee has abdicated Article I oversight of the SEC. Our goal is to have one Senator use their prerogative to place holds on Biden’s nominees in the Senate Banking Committee and Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee as leverage to stop the NAC scam. We will keep you updated on all future actions. Stay tuned.

NACs are a direct threat to oil and gas production, mineral development, and the farming and ranching communities. It is the fleecing of American’s property rights, consolidation of power, and transfer of wealth on an international scale.

The creation of Natural Asset Companies provides the path for the entities that have been pushing to permanently protect our lands under Biden’s 30×30 initiative, to profit off that agenda.

The House Financial Services Committee should not be standing down. We need one Senator to use their prerogative to place holds on Biden’s nominees so we can stop the NACs’ Wall Street Scam.


Thirty-one U.S. House Members signed the letter demanding they rescind the NAC proposed rule and reopen the comment period. Given the short window to sign on, this is a great response!

If your Member is one of them, make sure to thank them for standing up for American’s property rights when you see them over the Christmas break.

Read the letter here.