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House to Vote on NAC Rule

by | Nov 7, 2023 | NACs | 0 comments

The amendment to defund the Security Exchange Commission’s (SEC) proposed rule approving “Natural Asset Companies” was passed out of the Rules Committee yesterday.

This is a HUGE victory for property rights, and it happened because you answered our call!

We need your help once again. The Finance Services bill could be taken up on the House Floor as soon as today!

Please call your U.S. Representative now and ask them to:

Support Representative Hageman’s amendment to defund the SEC proposed rule creating Natural Asset Companies in the Fiscal Year 2024 Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Bill.

Look up your Representatives phone number here.

  • Representative Harriet Hageman (R-WY) offered the amendment that defunds the SEC proposed rule to approve listing “Natural Asset Companies (NACs)” on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • If this crucial amendment passes the House, it will be the first giant step needed to stop the SEC from approving “Natural Asset Companies” in America.
  • NACs are the way elite investors plan to profit from the protected lands created by Biden’s 30×30 agenda. They will harm America’s national security while destabilizing our economy.
  • Investors such as Blackrock, Bill Gates, and possibly even China will hold the ecosystem rights to the land, water, air, and natural processes of the properties enrolled in NACs — including our National Parks! They will also convey “management authority” to the NACs for all the assets enrolled – federal, state and private.
  • Use of these resources for economically beneficial purposes will be strictly prohibited. This includes mining, oil and gas development, or any other activity arbitrarily defined as “unsustainable.”
  • This is the biggest issue landowners face today!
  • Last week 40 Republicans voted against an amendment that would have prevented the President from creating National Monuments with a stroke of a pen. Your Representative may have been one of them.
  • Please, do not take your Member’s support for granted. Make your call today! Tell them to defund the SEC Natural Asset Companies proposed rule!

Call your Representative | Learn more about NACs

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