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House Pulls Financial Services Appropriations Bill from Floor Debate

by | Nov 9, 2023 | NACs | 0 comments

The bill that was to include consideration of Representative Harriet Hageman’s (R-WY) amendment to defund the “Natural Asset Companies (NAC)” proposed rule has been pulled from further debate on the House floor this morning.

This is likely because the House Majority did not have the votes to pass the appropriations bill.

This means the bill will likely be renegotiated and at some point brought up for a floor vote again.

If you were following the proceedings yesterday, you would have seen that the floor skipped considering Amendment #62, which would have defunded the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) NAC proposed rule.

What insiders tell us happened is the group of amendments before #62 were not offered as scheduled, reducing the Representative’s 40 minute window to get to the floor down to one minute – an impossible task.

But now that the bill has been pulled, we are hopeful that the NAC proposed rule amendment can be added back for consideration in the coming days.  

And thanks to all of your phone calls, more Members are aware how critical it is that this amendment be passed.

As we wait for this process to play out, here is what you can do today to help us stop the creation of Natural Asset Companies:


1.  Educate, Educate, Educate!

This temporary pause in DC give us an opportunity to educate more Americans. Reach out to your local, state and federal representatives to help them get up to speed on Natural Asset Companies.

Our opponents have been trying to sneak this through — there has been no press, no time, and no debate! They know the American people will not stand for this fleecing of our property rights, which is why they want to quietly get this approved.

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2.  Donate to the Fight!

Everything we do is through your support. Help us reach more people, develop more tools, and enlist more experts to stop this massive taking of our property rights!

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