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First NAC Victory!

by | Nov 16, 2023 | NACs | 0 comments

The SEC Delays Approval of Natural Asset Companies

It’s not a win per se, but the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a notice on November 7, 2023, extending the date on which they will make their decision to approve or disapprove the proposed rule to adopt listing standards for Natural Asset Companies (NACs).  The initial date was to be Saturday, November 18th, but they extended it another 45 days to January 2, 2024.

The SEC is not officially extending the comment period. Nevertheless, it does signal there may have been enough substantive issues raised during the abbreviated 21-day window that the agency is reevaluating whether they should rubber stamp the NAC scheme.

On October 4, 2023, the SEC issued a proposed rule to approve listing NACs on the New York Stock Exchange. They did this quietly. Not one press release was issued by any of the players.

If this rule is approved, it will allow investors such as Blackrock, Bill Gates, and possibly even China to hold the ecosystem rights to the land, water, air, and natural processes of the properties enrolled in NACs — including our National Parks!

This is how elite investors can profit from the protected lands being created by Biden’s 30×30 agenda – the plan hatched at the beginning of the administration to permanently protect at least 30 percent of our land and oceans by 2030.

While they have been driving middle class Americans off their land, they have also been positioning themselves for total political and financial control of our natural resources through the NAC investment ploy.

Even though comments on the NAC proposed rule officially closed October 25th, the SEC comment portal is still open and concerned groups and citizens continue to register their opposition.

Last week, Rep. Harriet Hageman (R-WY) offered an amendment to the Financial Services Appropriations bill to defund the Natural Asset Companies (NAC) proposed rule.  Unfortunately, the amendment was not considered on the House floor, and the bill was pulled down entirely because Republicans did not have the votes for passage of the bill.

However, there are still opportunities ahead for Congress to step in and stop the proposed rule as the appropriations process continues and more people become aware of the NAC scam.

Tell the SEC You Oppose the NAC Rule

If you have not commented on the NAC proposed rule, we recommend you do so today. You do not need to write a lengthy report. Simply provide a few reasons why you oppose the rule and request they disapprove this proposed rule.

You can also state you agree with one or more of the substantive set of comments already filed, such as those by American Stewards of Liberty (joined by CFACT and Kansas Natural Resource Coalition), the Financial Fairness Alliance and Blue Ribbon Coalition.

All the comments are available for you to read at the SEC NAC portal.

For more background on Natural Asset Companies, read SEC Poised to Authorize “Natural Asset Companies”

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