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Congratulations to Senator Pete Ricketts

by | Jan 13, 2023 | 30x30 | 0 comments

The outgoing Nebraska Governor, Pete Ricketts, has been appointed to the United States Senate by newly inducted Governor Jim Pillen.  The seat was officially vacated by Ben Sasse on Sunday.

As Governor, Ricketts helped lead the national opposition to the unauthorized 30×30 land grab, initiated by President Biden six days into his term.  He delivered a letter signed by 22 of the nation’s Governors opposing the agenda on Earth Day of 2021, and personally visited more than 20 Nebraska communities, where he held Town Hall meetings to educate the citizens on the program and answer concerns.

On June 24, 2021, he signed Executive Order No. 21-08, entitled “Stop 30×30 – Protect Our Land and Water,” The Order directed state agencies to take specific action that helped protect Nebraskans from programs that would advance 30×30 within the State.

This past year, he hosted the “Stop 30×30 Summit,” where leaders from across the nation joined together to fight the land grab agenda. Many of these leaders were pleased to learn of the new appointment.

Executive Director of American Stewards of Liberty, Margaret Byfield stated:

Congratulations to Governor Ricketts on his appointment to the Senate.  Hes a strong defender of property rights and limited government, two foundational principles underpinning proper resource management and individual liberty. Senator Ricketts brings exceptional depth of knowledge and a track record of success in these issues. As Governor, he was the first to oppose 30×30 and led his colleagues in a letter to the President, noticing the administration that the States would not tolerate the federal overreach. His opposition and the coalition he helped build forced the Biden Administration to pivot and rebrand their land grab as America the Beautiful.’ We look forward to his leadership in the Senate and his continued defense of Americans constitutional right to own and use their land.”

Jeff Bilberry, Vice Chairman, Chaves County New Mexico Board of Commissioners commented:

“Living in a state where our Governor has embraced the land grab agenda, we have been very thankful for Governor Ricketts opposition, which has indirectly helped protect us all.  We send our Congratulations from New Mexico and look forward to your leadership at the national level.”

Craig Rucker, President of Citizens for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) headquartered in Washington D.C., summed up the sentiment of property rights leaders across the nation:

“The Cornhusker State has blessed those of us in the property rights movement two times in a big way. First, when it gave us Governor Pete Ricketts, and now by giving us Senator Pete Ricketts.  Congrats, and were very excited at the prospects of great things ahead for the cause of liberty!”

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