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Border Security: 391 Coordination Commission Formed to Protect the Southern Border

by | Aug 21, 2021 | Issues | 0 comments

Members of American Stewards of Liberty will remember how we used a provision of the Texas Local Government code to stop the Trans-Texas Corridor, the first leg of the NAFTA Superhighway, in 2010. That 80-billion-dollar toll road connecting China’s ports in Mexico to Canada, was stopped when rural town Mayors created 391 Commissions and required the Texas Department of Transportation to coordinate the plan. We are dusting off that strategy to help a valiant group of elected officials protect our Southern border.

Kinney County, Uvalde County and the City of Uvalde in South Texas have formed the first 391 Commission to protect their citizens from the invasion of illegals pouring into their communities. The Texas Border Sub-Regional Planning Commission was formally established August 2, 2021 to compel state and federal agencies to provide the essential resources these communities need to fill the security gap left by the Biden Administration.

The crisis we are witnessing in Afghanistan today, created by the Biden withdrawal, has been occurring on our Southern border for the past eight months. Texas Border Sheriffs and their Deputies are all that stand between the Mexican cartels that control the border and American citizens. They desperately need quick action and support from the State, which to date has not occurred. It is why they have formed the 391 Commission, which requires all state agencies to coordinate with the planning commission to the greatest extent feasible.

Epoch Times reporter, Charlotte Cuthbertson, released an in-depth article August 21, 2021 on the dangers facing our frontline communities and the role this first border commission can play to compel the state and federal governments to help the local communities protect the nation. Entitled “The New Wild West: Texas Border County’s Desperate Bid to Curb Illegal Immigration,” it is a must read.

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin, the Chairman of the Texas Border Commission told the Epoch Times he thinks the 391 Commission will be “‘invaluable’ because ‘small rural counties … get neglected.’”

“I think it’s got the potential to be really effective because you can actually hold a state agency accountable and we don’t have to go to Austin. They’ve got to come to us. They’ve got to talk to us.”

The first letters to the State agencies compelling them to coordinate with the Texas Border Commission are expected to be released this week.

Just the News also published a good article on the issue entitled: “Texas Counties That Requested Disaster Aid for Border Crisis Haven’t Got It, Officials Say