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BLM Proposes New Rules that Erode Coordination

by | Apr 4, 2016 | Coordination | 0 comments

Coalition of Local Governments Formed to Stop Proposed Rules

February 25, 2016, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released proposed new rules that govern how they develop and implement the management plans on over 240 million acres of land.  Titled “Planning 2.0” and described as their effort to modernize the planning process, the proposed rules significantly reduce the role of local governments in the management of the federal lands.

Although the BLM representatives claim the proposed rules “enhance” coordination with local government, the language of the new rules remove specific points of coordination currently in the existing regulations.  They override existing law, and substitute a centralized planning and management approach that marginalizes the roles of States and local governments.

Under the new rules, coordination would consist of allowing State and local governments to submit comments on BLM land use plans and amendments, like members of the public.  The role of State and local governments would be marginalized, in violation of Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA), which requires the agency to meaningfully involve local governments early in the process and achieve consistency with local plans, programs and policies.

A Coalition of Local Governments (2.0 Coordination Coalition) has been formed to develop substantive comments on the proposed rules, due April 25th.  The Coalition is led by a steering committee of elected officials from several Counties and Special Districts across the west including Kane County, Utah; Six County Association, UT; Garfield County, CO; Chaves County, NM, Dona Ana SWCD, NM; and Winkelman NRDC, AZ.

Additionally, the Coalition is requesting an extension of time to comment as well as asserting the proposed rules are substantive in nature and require an environmental analysis under the National Environmental Policy Act.

Local governments who wish to participate in the Coalition can do so by contacting American Stewards at 512-591-7843 or

Read the Planning 2.0 Briefing Paper

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