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Biden’s Budget: Spend, Borrow and Redistribute Wealth

by | Mar 30, 2022 | 30x30, Inflation Reduction Act | 0 comments

Biden’s 5.3 trillion dollar budget for fiscal year 2023, ensures the American economy will continue on its accelerated downward trend.  The Administration proposes spending resources we do not have while restricting the use of those we need in the name of a mythical climate crisis and environmental justice.  The Environmental Protection Agency will receive a 25 percent boost.  The Energy Department’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy also receives a 25 percent increase over 2022’s record $3.2 billion, and the Department of the Interior jumps another 24 percent to $17.5 billion. (See “7 Numbers to Know in Biden’s Budget Plan,” E&E News March 29, 2022)

The Administration is attempting, once again, to establish the Civilian Climate Corps by allocating $60 million to the program.

And, as expected, there are a few mentions of furthering the implementation of the 30×30 land grab, craftily rebranded “America the Beautiful.”

Here is the opening mention on page 20 of the Budget:

Invests in Climate Resilience and Disaster Planning. The Budget provides $815 million—a $540 million increase above the 2021 enacted level to incorporate climate impacts into pre-disaster planning and projects to ensure that the Nation is rebuilding smarter and safer for the future. The Budget also provides more than $1.2 billion above the 2021 enacted level to increase the resilience of ecosystems and communities across the Nation to wildfires, flooding, and drought, including an additional $100 million for CDC’s Climate and health program. Consistent with the Presidents national conservation goal and the America the Beautiful initiative, the Budget also makes critical investments to help communities conserve important lands and waters, expand access to the outdoors for underserved communities, and deploy natural solutions to climate change.”

Another mention follows on page 21: 

Partners with Rural America to Grow Rural Economies and Tackle Rural Poverty. The Budget includes a number of proposals to invest in and create opportunities for rural Americans. This includes more than $300 million in new investments in the next generation of agriculture and conservation, including support for voluntary private lands conservation as part of the America the Beautiful initiative, renewable energy grants and loans, and the creation of a Civilian Climate Corps to create a new pathway to good-paying jobs in rural America. The Budget also supports $6.5 billion in lending to support additional clean energy, energy storage, and transmission projects in rural communities.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service mentioned the 30×30 program 37 times in its proposed budget alone, even though the Biden Administration is unable to define “conserve,” “restore,” or “protect.”  However, we are assured that funding these three undefined actions will solve the climate crisis.

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