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Biden Administration Announces Landsat 2030 Initiative Dovetails with Natural Asset Companies

by | Jan 4, 2024 | 30x30 | 0 comments

On December 20th, the Biden administration announced an international partnership initiative called Landsat 2030, chaired by Vice-President Harris.

Landsat is a partnership between the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).  Interestingly, these are two of the federal agencies that are also listed as part of “The Working Group” for Biden’s “National Strategy to Develop Statistics for Environmental Economic Decisions” created in January of 2023.

The “National Strategy” is where the White House has launched the creation of “Natural Capital Accounts,” to capture the value of natural processes and place these on the federal balance sheet.

They claim this “National Strategy” will help them “understand and consistently track changes in the condition and economic value of land, water, air, and other natural assets…providing “data to guide the federal government and the economy through the transition we need for sustainable growth and development, a stable climate, and a healthy planet.”

“Measuring natural assets and maintaining related environmental-economic statistical series—repeated measurements over time that relate the environment to the economy—are critical planning tools for a robust economy and financial stability,” they state.

The Biden administration says that both the Landsat 2030 Initiative and the National Strategy are “necessary” for climate stability and a healthy planet.

Landsat is a satellite system designed and operated to “collect essential data on Earth’s geologic formations, natural habitats, farmlands, cities, lakes, glaciers, coastlines and other surface features.”  It also “provides imagery at landscape-scale resolution that can be used to support the Department’s efforts to improve environmental sustainability, climate change resiliency, and economic growth.”

The Biden Administration is collecting data about the natural assets, natural processes, and ecosystem services for a reason – to establish these assets to be used as collateral to increase the national debt, create a new vehicle to tax the American people, and use as the asset base for an investment product, such as a NAC.

On NASA’s website, they give an overview of the Landsat satellite system as an “irreplaceable record of Earth’s land surface” helping; decision makers make “informed management decisions” when land use and resource availability issues arise such as deforestation, urban expansion, and water use.

Specifically, they discuss managing water in areas such as the Western U.S. where water is scarce and water usage between agriculture, industry, and residential needs is very competitive.

It’s not hard to conclude that, as Utah Treasurer Marlo Oaks stated in a recent interview on the Glenn Beck Radio Show: “This is a whole-of-government approach where all these federal agencies are pushing this agenda to permanently stop economic activity on our land and lock up our natural resources.  It’s all incredibly destructive.”

Landsat is just another tool the Biden administration will utilize to help them locate, map, and categorize large swaths of land, forests, and water to enroll in a Natural Asset Company.   

Link to Landsat 2030 announcement: